Meet The Band

Larry Bloom
Guitar, lead and tenor vocals

Larry lays down solid rhythm guitar and is an accomplished flatpicker. A fine singer and front man.

He lives in Shiloh, PA. and owns and operates FREEDOM WIRELESS OF PA.







Jim Watson
Mandolin, lead, tenor and baritone vocals

Plays a great mandolin and is at ease singing any part.

From Stewartstown, PA, Jim has played with the band since 1997.







Steve Harrington
Dobro, lead and baritone vocals

Also with the band since 1997, Steve does amazing things with the slide guitar. From ballads to red hot up tempo solos, he is a treat to watch and hear.

Steve makes his home in Airville, PA.






Tim Kruzic

An interest in music at an early age, Tim has played several instruments prior to settling on the banjo as his favorite. He plays primarily in the Scruggs style, but mixes in influences from all the great banjo players he has studied. Tim is the utility man, singing tenor or baritone as necessary to fill out the trios and quartets.

A long time resident of Maryland, Tim currently lives in the town of Columbia.




Mike Hartnett

Mike began playing fiddle at the age of 12, and was significantly influenced by the old time fiddle stylings of his father. Through his father, Mike has been directly influenced by many legendary bluegrass figures. Mike began playing with local Maryland bands in 1975, and spent several years in the late 70s with Lenny Whitehead and Mike Jenkins in the Overland Express. A four-time fiddle champion at Maryland’s Deer Creek Fiddler’s Convention, Mike can dazzle the audience with a hot fiddle tune or provide fitting lines to support the vocals.

Mike currently resides in Baltimore, Maryland.




Pat Lampman – info coming