The Lincoln Highway

Larry Bloom: Guitar, Lead Vocal (2,4,5,7,9,12),
Harmony Vocals (3,6,8,11)
Keith Kupp: Banjo, Lead Vocal (1),
Harmony Vocal (6,9,12)
Jim Watson: Mandolin, Lead Vocal (6,8),
Harmony Vocal (1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12)
Steve Harrington: Dobro, Lead Vocal (3,11),
Harmony Vocal (2,4,6,7,8,12)
Ron Rice: Acoustic Bass, Voice (13)


1. Big Payday Blues – Keith Kupp (Shiloh Ridge Music)
2. Hurricane – Larry Bloom (Shiloh Ridge Music)
3. All Because of Me – Steve
4. So Afraid of Losing You Again – Larry
5. Unsatisfied – Keith Kupp (Shiloh Ridge Music)
6. A Love You Will Share – Keith Kupp (Shiloh Ridge Music)
7. Lonely Highway – Larry Bloom (Shiloh Ridge Music)
8. He Took Your Place – Jim
9. Taken All My Blues Away – Larry Bloom (Shiloh Ridge Music)
10. Mudslide – Keith Kupp (Shiloh Ridge Music)
11. Close the Door – Steve
12. Who’s Gonna Have Your Soul – Larry Bloom (Shiloh Ridge Music)
13. Efin Ifin – Keith Kupp (Shiloh Ridge Music)



I’ll Be Allright

Larry Bloom:Guitar, Lead Vocal (1,3,8,12), Harmony Vocals (2,5,6,9,11)
Jim Watson: Mandolin, Lead Vocal (5,11), Harmony Vocal (1,3,5,8,9,12)
Steve Harrington: Dobro, Lead Vocal (2,6,9), Harmony Vocal (1,3,5,8,11,12)
Keith Kupp: Banjo, Harmony Vocal (9)
P. W. Lampman: Bass, Harmony Vocal (6,11)

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1. I’ll Be All Right – Larry Bloom
2. City Lights – Steve Harrington
3. Ridin’ the Midnight Train
4. Dance for Deb – ARR/Steve Harrington
5. Cold Sheets of Rain
6. How Great Thou Art
7. Minor Incident – Jim Watson
8. With You by My Side – Larry Bloom
9. He’ll Hold to My Hand
10. Run Around
11. Three Men on a Mountain
12. 21 Miles


From Bluegrass Unlimited, Oct. 2002

SHILOH RIDGE – I’LL BE ALL RIGHT – No label, no number. From York County, PA., comes Shiloh Ridge, with an appealing assortment of mainstream bluegrass adorned with a substantial dose of originality. The group is made up of Larry Bloom (guitar, lead and harmony vocals), Keith Kupp (banjo and vocals), Steve Harrington (resonator guitar, lead and harmony vocals), Jim Watson (mandolin, lead and harmony vocals), and Pat Lampman (bass and vocals). “I’ll Be All Right” is apparently the band’s first recording effort and consists of a dozen performances including several original pieces like the title song, Steve Harrington’s “City Lights,” Jim Watson’s instrumental “Minor Incident,” and Larry Bloom’s “With You By My Side.” Quickly recognizable numbers include “Cold Sheets Of Rain” and “Three Men On A Mountain.” From the contents of “I’ll Be All Right,” Shiloh Ridge proves to be an outstanding musical aggregation with a boundless level of energy. Expect to hear much more from these folks as their careers progress.